2. Sustainability


Founder’s Aspiration

Yoshiko Shinohara, Founder of the PERSOL Group

When our founder Shinohara graduated from high school and began working, there were still few women joining the workforce. Shinohara founded Tempstaff Co., Ltd. in 1973 with the aim of creating a society in which every woman who wanted to work could play an active role. Since then, we have contributed to society by providing many people with opportunities to participate actively in line with the times.
Carrying on the aspirations of Yoshiko Shinohara, we at the PERSOL Group aim to realize a society in which all people can continue to work enthusiastically and live happily.

Sustainability Policy

Seeking to underpin the development of a sustainable society reinforced by its corporate philosophy that highlights
“Providing Opportunity, Individual Growth and Social Contribution,” the PERSOL Group connects with
diverse stakeholders and actively addresses social issues. With 2030 as our destination year, we are promoting
business activities designed to realize the Group Vision “Work, and Smile” and contribute to achieving SDGs.

Five priority issues identified by PERSOL

We emphasize five SDGs as priority issues, and we also contribute to achievingall 17 SDGs through supporting the growth of people and creating jobs.

We will contribute to achieving SDGs by creating a society in which everyone can work safely and securely.

  • Hirotaka Mino
    Executive Officer CHRO,
    Responsible for Corporate Strategy and Human Resources

  • Contributing to achieving SDGs through business activities and working toward a sustainable society
    From the 17 goals decided by the United Nations, we have selected five priority goals that we can contribute to achieve directly through our business activities, and we have incorporated them into our “Value Creation Story.” Also, the PERSOL Group supports clients across a wide range of industries through its people, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that we are indirectly involved in all 17 of the SDGs and 169 specific targets to achieve them, by providing the companies with the talent they need. Using our ties with diverse stakeholders, we will leverage business activities geared toward realizing the Group Vision “Work, and Smile” and raise both social value and economic value, while doing our utmost to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

PERSOL Group Integrated Report

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