2. Sustainability
  3. Environment
  4. Pollution Prevention and Resource Circulation

Pollution Prevention and Resource Circulation

Basic Approach to Pollution Prevention and Resource Circulation

In order to realize a sustainable society, the PERSOL Group strives to protect the global environment by working to mitigate or avoid environmental impacts via initiatives including resource recycling, water conservation, waste reduction and prevention of environmental pollution in accordance with our Basic Approach to Environmental Management.

Promotion Framework

In order to realize a society in which all people truly feel “Work and Smile,” we are working to strengthen our sustainability promotion system, including ensuring effective use of resources and waste management.
In March 2022, the Sustainability Committee was established under the Headquarters Management Committee (HMC) in order to promote sustainability initiatives at the management level.
Chaired by the Representative Director, President and CEO, the Committee deliberates on sustainability and related management agendas and submits proposals and reports to the HMC. The Board of Directors oversees this process on a regular basis and issues directives for action as necessary.


As part of our environmental management, which is primarily focused on initiatives in the office, we set and manage targets for pollution prevention, minimization and reduction of waste generation, and effective use of resources (reuse and recycling). Targets for each area and their respective progress are shown in the table below.

2022 Target 2022 Actual 2023 Target
Pollution Prevention - -
  • Reduce air pollutant emissions by progressively switching company-owned vehicles from gasoline to HVs (EVs from 2025 onward).
Waste Reduction -
  • Identified waste generated
  • Continue monitoring waste generated

  • Aggregate and disclose industrial/hazardous waste
Resource/Raw Material Usage
  • Introduce e-contracts/reduce paper use

  • Promote resource conservation by purchasing environmentally friendly products and services
  • Identified amount of recyclable waste generated

  • Promoted initiatives to reduce use of paper and other resources

  • Began monitoring amount of raw material (photocopy paper) used

  • Identified amount of environmentally friendly products purchased, such as office supplies
  • Continue monitoring recyclable waste

  • Continue efforts to reduce resource use

  • Continue monitoring raw material use

  • Switch to LED lighting

  • Continue purchasing environmentally friendly products and monitoring amount purchased
Water Resources -
  • Began monitoring water usage
  • Continue monitoring water usage

*1 The above data includes our main offices: Minami Aoyama Building, Grand Front Osaka, and TS Ikebukuro.
*2 Refer to the Environmental Data section for aggregated results (waste generated, resource waste generated (recycled amount), raw material consumption, and water consumption).


Environmental considerations in office design

At the office design stage, we strive to reduce waste by using to the extent possible uniform specifications for furniture and fixtures. We are also taking steps including switching to LED lighting and consolidating trash collection at single locations to create environmentally friendly offices.

Reducing the use of paper resources by introducing E-Contracts

PERSOL TEMPSTAFF, which is engaged in temporary staffing and outsourcing businesses, provides the Temp App, an official smartphone application for temporary staff. Featuring an e-contract function, the app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. Contracts with staff have traditionally used paper. With the Temp App, users can select an e-contract to handle the contract by electronic means. Of the dispatched temporary staff, 82% agreed to use E-Contracts. This will reduce the number of sheets of paper by 2,312,000 by March 2023, equivalent to 1,156 cedar trees (where 2,000 sheets of A4 paper are estimated to be equivalent to one cedar tree). Expanding use of the Temp App will help protect environmental resources.

Use of Eco Mark and Other Environmentally Friendly Products

We consider forests, which are the source of paper, important capital, and take into consideration both environmental protection and cost reductions. When purchasing paper for copier/printer use, business cards and other uses, we encourage that priority be given to environmentally friendly products like those certified with the FSC and Eco Mark. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, the percentage of environmentally friendly products purchased, such as Eco Mark certified products, was 34.5%.

Environmental considerations in office life

We are pursuing the following initiatives to conserve resources in office life:

  • Encouraging the use of personal, reusable water bottles
  • Use of biomass plastic straws and cups
  • Setting up recycle bins for stationery and file folders
  • Promoting recycling
  • Encouraging purchases of recyclable equipment
  • Reusing company-use mobile phones