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Environmental Management

Basic Approach to Environmental Management

The PERSOL Group aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by helping create a society in which all people can work safely and with peace of mind, based on its Group vision of "Work and Smile".
Accordingly, we recognize that conserving the environment is one of our management issues, and have established a basic approach to environmental management and are pushing forward with efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

1. Realization of a decarbonized society

We work to mitigate and adapt to climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy, and reducing and controlling energy usage.

2. Conservation of natural capital

We strive to prevent environmental pollution and mitigate or avoid environmental impacts by reducing the use of resources, promoting efficient usage, promoting recycling, reducing waste, and conserving water resources.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with all international declarations, conventions, and treaties related to environmental conservation, as well as the laws and regulations of all countries and regions in which we operate, as well as any other agreements to which we have subscribed.

4. Communication through appropriate internal and external disclosure

We strive to educate our employees on environmental issues, disclose internally and externally this basic approach and information regarding our environmental initiatives, and work together with our stakeholders, including group companies, business partners and suppliers to reduce our environmental impact.

Promotion Framework

In order to realize a sustainable society in which all people truly feel “Work and Smile,” we are working to strengthen our sustainability promotion systems, including our environmental management.
In March 2022, the Sustainability Committee was established under the Headquarters Management Committee (HMC) in order to promote sustainability initiatives at the management level.
Chaired by the Representative Director, President and CEO, the Committee deliberates on sustainability and related management agendas and submits proposals and reports to the HMC. The Board of Directors oversees this process on a regular basis and issues directives for action as necessary.

The PERSOL Group's Environmental Certification Status

Although the number of PERSOL Group sites in Japan that have acquired ISO 14001 or EMAS certification is currently zero (0%), we are striving to implement the PDCA cycle to promote effective environmental activities based on the Group's basic approach to environmental management.
In 2022, Programmed Group was re-certified ISO14001 certification and has been promoting environmental management through its operation.

Environmental Initiatives

The PERSOL Group has set a “Carbon Neutral” target for greenhouse gas emissions, aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities by FY2030. By promoting energy conservation measures in our offices, switching to hybrid vehicles (HVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), and using renewable energy, we will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society, a common global issue.

HV/EV switching policy

We will switch to HVs and EVs, which have relatively low environmental impact, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From the fiscal year ending March 2023, we will work to switch over to HVs wherever possible for vehicles used at our domestic and overseas bases. Expecting an expanded EV lineup and infrastructure development, we will gradually convert our fleet to EVs starting with locations in Japan from around 2025.

Energy conservation measures

We will work to reduce power usage at each of our locations. We will strive to create offices that are environmentally friendly by carrying out thorough energy conservation activities including setting air conditioning and PCs to be energy-efficient to the extent that they do not interfere with work as well as turning the power off when offices are unoccupied and by investing in energy-saving equipment.