2. Sustainability
  3. External Evaluation

External Evaluation


Selection in 2020 Rankings of Best Workplaces for Women for Second Time

Organizers: Great Place to Work® Institute Japan
Awarded company: PERSOL CAREER

Key Commendations
From “the results of employee questionnaires,” “measures and programs for enabling women
employees to work to their best abilities,” and “such baseline social data as the proportion of women employees,” all of which are based on the five elements of pride, respect, trust, fairness, and a sense of solidarity, PERSOL CAREER was recognized as a company where women, in particular, find their work to be rewarding.


13th JIIMA Best Practice Award

Organizers: Japan Image and Information Management Association (JIIMA)

Key Commendations
Commended for initiatives in receipt of expenses claims, document scanning procedures, and regular inspections that helped realize the transition to paperless operations of approximately 200 boxes of documents a year and created jobs for 15 people with disabilities at Tokyo and Osaka locations.

Encouragement Award in MCPC Award 2019 User Category

Organizers: Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium
Awarded company: PERSOL WORKS DESIGN

Key Commendations
Commended for reductions in operator response times and supervisor advice rates and maximization of effectiveness of AI by combining state-of-the-art knowledge management methods and the introduction of AI into existing knowledge (IT tools).


Encouragement Award in 7th Japan HR Challenge Awards

Organizers: Japan HR Challenge Awards Organizing Committee
Awarded company: PERSOL CHALLENGE(currently PERSOL DIVERSE)

Key Commendations
Commended for initiatives in the employment of people with mental illness that have increased the rate of retention of employees with disabilities and improved productivity, including the use of systems aligned with Total Management, such as the visualization of employees’ mental condition (development of mental level matrix) and a 1-on-1 approach to prevent deterioration of their mental health.