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  3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Policy

We, PERSOL Group, have our group vision of “Work and Smile”, and we are working to realize a society where anyone in the world can “Work and Smile”.

With the diversification of individual values and advancement of technology, the surrounding environment and how the world perceives work have reached a major turning point. The labor market is also changing more than ever with the rapid advancement of technology. For sustainable societal and corporate growth in this rapidly changing environment, there is a need for flexibility and creativity, to create new values, as well as respond to change through the utilization of synergies of diverse abilities. We believe that the basis of this is the diversity of employees.

In order to realize a society where anyone in the world can “Work and Smile”, it is indispensable for us to not only to have employees who can recognize and appreciate the feelings, ways of thinking, and perspectives of different individuals, but also to let them contribute their abilities and realize their achievement and satisfaction in their work.

We value diversity in all forms and ways to bring the best ideas and value to our customers, stakeholders and employees. To draw on the strengths in the diversity of our employees, we will endeavor to create a culture of inclusiveness where all individuals believe they can be themselves, where we respect their various differences such as culture, background, beliefs, and abilities. Therefore, we have launched DEI actions to realize our group vision that recognizes intersectionality and maximize the potential of employees through equal opportunity.
That is our challenge.

This policy applies to all directors, senior managers and employees of PERSOL Group.