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Health and Safety

Basic Approach

As part of its efforts to create a fulfilling work environment, the PERSOL Group places the health and safety of its employees first and foremost, and is implementing a variety of initiatives to promote health and wellbeing.
In our Group Code of Conduct, we state our commitment to "Health, Safety and Environment" and make it clear that safety is an integral part of our day-to-day activities. The Code also states that we are committed to the ongoing improvement of workplace health, safety, and environment, and requires both the company and our employees to endeavor to act in a safe manner at all times.

Promotion Framework

The PERSOL Group promotes occupational health and safety management led by the executive officer serving as CHRO. Respective SBUs and FU manage occupational health and safety, and compile the results of stress checks and working hour management at each Group company, which the Group Human Resources Division of PERSOL Holdings then consolidates to conduct Group-wide oversight.
In addition, each of our group companies in Japan holds regular Health and Safety Committees in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Our employees also participate in these committees, where they work to formulate, evaluate, and improve plans related to workplace safety, prevention of health problems, and the maintenance and promotion of health.
Important matters concerning occupational health and safety are reported to and discussed by the Risk Management Committee, which is attended by the company’s directors (full time Supervisory Committee members).

Response Process for Occupational Accidents

In the event that an occupational accident occurs at the PERSOL Group, a report is created in accordance with the Company's Occupational Accident Guide. If the accident in question is serious, or a violation of laws and regulations is suspected, the incident is also reported to the Group GRC Division (crisis management secretariat) in accordance with the Group Crisis Management Regulations. We have also established a system for ensuring that occupational accidents are handled in a prompt and appropriate manner (investigations, response to findings, etc.) and that measures are swiftly implemented to prevent reoccurrence.
In the fiscal year ended March 2022, the Group was not subject to any serious administrative penalties or findings related to occupational health and safety.

Risk Assessment of Occupational Health and Safety

The PERSOL Group visualizes and monitors key metrics related to labor risks, such as damage to employees' health caused by long working hours. Respective SBUs and FU collect information regarding the status of key metrics at each Group company, and this data is then consolidated and managed by the Group Human Resources Division. In the event that a violation or suspected violation occurs, we promptly investigate the facts and determine the root cause of the problem. We also assess potential risks and use this information to develop preventative measures.
The information gathered is also reported to the Risk Management Committee in order to strengthen our efforts to optimize working hours.


Initiatives to Prevent Excessive Overtime

Enhanced Attendance Management

The Group Human Resources Division leads efforts to conduct regular monitoring of working hours based on records from attendance management systems and PC usage logs.
Other measures to prevent long working hours include forced shutdown of PCs after a specified time during the night in some areas of our operations.

Mental Health Initiatives

Stress Checkups

We conduct stress checkups once per year for all employees. The results of these stress checkups are communicated back to each workplace so that our companies can utilize findings to improve the workplace environment. In addition, following stress checkups, we offer employees who wish to do so the opportunity to discuss their situation with an industrial physician or to receive counseling from a professional counselor.

Digital Wellness Program

We provide online seminars and training sessions for managers aimed at helping people learn about mental health measures and health maintenance methods required in the digital age and work happily with a smile on their faces.We offer online seminars and training sessions for managers aimed at helping people learn about mental health measures and health maintenance methods required in the digital age and work happily with a smile on their faces.

Prevention and Control of Global Health Issue

As a global company with sites around the world, the PERSOL Group recognizes the importance of addressing global health challenges, such as the three major global infectious diseases (tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS). In addition to conducting annual health checkups for employees on overseas assignments, we also support employees on assignment by conducting regular interviews to check their health status, following up with employees found to have high stress levels in the annual stress checkup, and recommending appropriate vaccinations.

Health and Safety Training

The PERSOL Group works to raise employees' awareness of occupational health and safety through workplace safety and health training, and educational campaigns via the company intranet and other channels.
We also provide labor management compliance training, mental health seminars, and other courses through our e-learning system (PALMS) available to Group employees, providing them with the tools to conduct self-directed learning at any time.

The number of participants for the fiscal year 2023 is being tallied.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

At Programmed, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We live by the philosophy that all injuries are preventable. Due to the nature of facility management and maintenance operations, we set goals and promote safety management activities.

Year 2020 2021 2022
Programmed Group LTIFR 2.31 2.32 1.43

* Coverage, Programmed Group(including Facility Management, Health, Property Services, Staffing, and Group Services)

Occupational Health and Safety Data

*Employee numbers stated on this page include both permanent employees and temporary employees (contract employees and temporary staff) of the PERSOL Group