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Support for job hunting


As the purposes of employment and the ways of achieving work-life balance continue to diversify, there is an increasing need to create environments where temporary staff are able to choose jobs that suit them, based not only on skills and job description but also on their individual sense of values.

Initiative Outline and Objectives

To help temporary staff live the life that best suits them, we provide opportunities to choose places of work and working hours that are appropriate for the circumstances and values of the individuals concerned. We also provide a broad range of job postings to enable temporary staff to select the job they want to do at any time so that they can achieve their desired career.
In addition, we do not simply mechanically match the skills of our temporary staff with the personnel requirements of our clients. Instead, we provide job placement in a way that suits each person based on their individual preferences and the corporate cultures of our clients, and incorporate a unique concept we refer to as fitting to provide close-at-hand, ongoing employment support.

Specific Measures

A portal site that enables job searches based on a variety of parameters

Our portal site, which offers the largest number of job postings in the industry, enables job searches based on working conditions as well as on job content, the characteristics of the client company, the skills required, and a variety of other parameters. This allows temporary staff to search for jobs that suit them based on a broad range of factors, including their past work experience, work-life balance, and the skills they wish to acquire in the future.
The portal received approximately 180 million views during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, an increase of roughly 10% over the previous year.

We leverage technology, while also providing extensive employment support through the direct involvement of our employees

We make use of a variety of technologies, including accumulating and analyzing data on temporary staff skills and preferences as well as Temp App, a smartphone application for temporary staff that facilitates employment-related procedures. At the same time, our employees also provide temporary staff with access to better job postings by acting as intermediaries between employers and temporary staff, providing face-to-face counseling before introducing positions and sending individual offer emails based on the specific needs of employers.
When employment-related counseling is needed as well as in the event of a problem with an employer following job placement, our employees strive to ensure prompt resolution and prevent recurrence through direct involvement.
In addition, during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, we are upgrading the app to include a chat function and consultation service, with the aim of further accelerating and facilitating communication between our employees and temporary staff currently under assignment.

Creating a system for
achieving mid- to long-term careers

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, starting from major cities, we have begun working to gradually deploy ‘life career advisors,’ partners who provide temporary staff currently under assignment with mid- to long-term career support. These advisors improve work for temporary staff by providing them with counseling on their current employment, as well as by making suggestions on how to link their current activities with a brighter future based on their long-term goals.

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Number of PERSOL TEMPSTAFF workers
Job Check It (Portal site) (PERSOL TEMPSTAFF) Total number of views in FY2022 Approx. 183.01 million Total number of users accessing the site in FY2022 Approx. 7.91 million