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Support for Personal Development and
Career Building


The skills required of temporary staff continue to change along with the needs of our clients. Many temporary staff too wish to personally develop in order to realize their desired career and increase their value, and it is necessary for us to support each and every worker in their personal development journey.

Initiative Overview and Objectives

To help temporary staff achieve their desired careers, we proactively invest in human resource development to support the necessary knowledge enhancement and skill development, and work to implement educational measures and visualize skills.

Specific Measures

Initiatives to support the personal and career development of
temporary staff

We provide registered staff*1, temporary staff currently under assignment, and outsourcing staff*2 at PERSOL TEMPSTAFF, PERSOL CROSS TECHNOLOGY, and other companies with free e-learning programs. The specific contents of these programs are designed so that participants can learn at their own level, and range from basic knowledge of Office software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, business etiquette, as well as knowledge of foreign languages, trade, and accounting through to career and employment support, information security, and financial literacy.
Each company also offers its own training programs for temporary staff who wish to acquire more specialized knowledge and learn a wider range of fields. PERSOL TEMPSTAFF offers more than 40 training programs and seminars that enable participants to acquire more specialized knowledge in areas such as RPA, CAD, and trade, while PERSOL CROSS TECHNOLOGY offers more than 50 training programs on programming and developmental exercises, as well as programs at affiliated external language schools.
Moving forward, we envision increasing the variety and expanding the content of our training programs to provide temporary staff with even more personal development opportunities.
PERSOL CROSS TECHNOLOGY provides temporary staff with financial assistance in obtaining specific qualifications to enable them to increase both their market value and the range of jobs they can perform by acquiring skills that are in high demand among clients. In the future, we also plan to offer financial assistance for challenging qualifications that address technological and market changes to provide temporary staff with the opportunity to acquire advanced expertise.
We have developed a system that enables outsourcing staff within PERSOL TEMPSTAFF to pursue clear-cut career advancement paths by establishing (leadership and managerial) positions within teams, taking advantage of the operational characteristics of providing services as a team. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, more workers were promoted to leadership positions than in the previous fiscal year.
Moving forward, we also plan to visualize and enable improvements in communication competence, attentiveness, and other soft skills that difficult to clearly define.

*1 Staff who have registered but are not yet employed

*2 Staff engaged in contract work, regardless of employment type or occupation

Initiatives to expand possibilities for
inexperienced staff

PERSOL TEMPSTAFF offers a service called “funtable,” which enables even inexperienced workers to enter into an unlimited-term temporary staffing contract with PERSOL and earn a stable income, while maintaining the goal of finding employment at a client company. As workers continue to seek employment at a company, we provide training tailored to the challenges and goals of each individual, and conduct career-related interviews on a regular basis. This service is unique to PERSOL, and in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, it resulted in a roughly 70% increase in the number of employees over the previous fiscal year. In addition, workers hired through funtable have commented that the existence of a support system is reassuring, and that the ability to gain experience from the ground up enabled them to get the job they wanted.

PERSOL CROSS TECHNOLOGY offers a service called “U-29,” which provides hands-on training as well as basic online IT training to workers in their 20s, including those with no IT experience, to aid them in selecting a suitable type of employment and employer in the future, including positions as full-time engineers. The number of employees hired in the fiscal year ended March 2023 rose roughly 10% over the previous fiscal year. Participants in the program have commented that the support system is extensive, and that they have succeeded in finding or changing jobs, which they had previously found difficult as inexperienced workers.

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