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Social Contribution Initiatives

Basic Concept to Social Contribution

The PERSOL Group is working to advance its social contribution initiatives with an emphasis on "developing the next generation" and "diversity" in order to achieve our material issues of “providing learning opportunities,” ”supporting greater participation of women in the workplace,” “creating next-generation work styles and jobs,” and providing job opportunities for everyone.
We are working in partnership with a range of stakeholders, including NPOs, universities, corporations, local communities, and governments, to promote the realization of a fulfilling society.

Donation Activities

Work and Smile for Donation

We ran the Work and Smile for Donation program, an initiative in which we make donations based on the number of smiles of our employees.
The number is counted using smile detectors that we have installed in our offices. This initiative is aimed at encouraging employees to smile more and improve their mental health. We also conducted a survey on the link between smiles and employee happiness as well as internal communication. Based on a rate of 10 yen per smile, we donated 164,470 yen for the 16,447 smiles measured through this initiative, to the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan. The donation will be used for initiatives such as helping create learning opportunities for children and illiterate adults in developing countries.

Pink Ribbon Campaign

The PERSOL Group has installed donation-linked vending machines at 49 of its sites (as of March 2021), primarily at PERSOL TEMPSTAFF. A portion of the sales from these machines is donated to initiatives associated with the Pink Ribbon Campaign.
In FY2020, on April 19 (the 19th of each month, when action is encouraged, is known as "Pink Day"), PERSOL TEMPSTAFF President Kazunari Kimura made a donation of 1,846,930 yen on behalf of the company to the Japan Cancer Society's Hohoemi Fund for fighting breast cancer.

The Japan Cancer Society's Hohoemi Fund

The Japan Cancer Society's Hohoemi Fund

A courtesy visit

A courtesy visit

Left: Ichiro Ishida, Executive Director, the Japan Cancer Society
Right: Kazunari Kimura, President and Representative Director, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD.
*Masks were removed for photographs only.

Donation Drive Month (December each year)

In 2022, we solicited donations from all Group companies and made a total of 14 donations, mainly to medical organizations and life support organizations. Our donations include surplus items from homes and offices, such as postcards, stamps, stationery, and used books, as well as other daily necessities and unopened beverages and food.

Emergency fund for natural disasters

In response to the Turkey-Syria earthquake that occurred in February 2023, the PERSOL Group donated 5,000,000 yen to the Japan Committee for UNICEF as emergency relief money to be used for aiding those who were affected by the earthquake. In addition, we began to solicit voluntary donations from PERSOL Group employees immediately after the earthquake. As a result, we donated a total of 866,388 yen as emergency relief money to be used for searching for and rescuing victims and providing healthcare and relief goods to them, via the Japan Committee for UNICEF and the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD).


Donations in the fiscal year 2022 totaled 142 million yen.
*PERSOL HOLDINGS and Group companies in Japan

Developing the Next Generation

Kandu  (AEON MALL Makuhari New City)

In order to inspire all working people to shine in their profession and lead fulfilling lives, the PERSOL Group exhibits at "Kandu," a work experience theme park for children and adults alike, in the hope that we can provide an opportunity for as many children as possible to realize that there are all kinds of jobs in society, and to broaden their horizons to the many career possibilities available to them.

Platform for Sustainable Education and Community

In 2023, we began to co-sponsor the Platform for Sustainable Education and Community, which runs projects for achieving regional revitalization and developing attractive educational programs under its vision: Create a sustainable society where young people can make one’s own decision. One key project is Chiiki Mirai Ryugaku, which permits students to enter public high schools with regional characteristics beyond prefectural boundaries.
The schemes of the Platform for Sustainable Education and Community are combined with the PERSOL Group's ability to give attention to individuals and connect them with information appropriate for each and with society, so as to materialize the vision: Empower youth to make decisions according to their own philosophies. We will thus create an environment that permits students to choose how to live without being constrained by their place of residence and to build a society filled with people who create their own lives with vision.


Paralym Art

Since 2019, the PERSOL Group has supported artists with disabilities by co-sponsoring the Paralym Art World Cup, serving to reward artistic disabled people from around the world. By showcasing their talent to the world, we aim to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to work in society, transcending race, disability, gender, and age.

Supporting Athletes with Disabilities

The PERSOL Group supports employees with disabilities employed by the Group who are engaged in athletic activities via the Challenged Athlete Support system, which allows them to balance work with their athletic endeavors. We will continue to promote the furtherment of sports for persons with disabilities by supporting PERSOL DIVERSE employee Yuya Kimura in his track and field pursuits, as well as via lectures and other extracurricular activities.

Ally Initiatives

Ally Initiatives

In order to leverage the many talents of our diverse employees,  the PERSOL Group has categorized diversity into three perspectives: attributes, values, and abilities, and initiated a range of specific initiatives to realize our vision. By providing equal opportunities, utilizing the synergy between individual abilities, and helping each employee to realize their full potential through work, the PERSOL Group will continue striving for a bright future in which each and every employee can shine in their respective roles.

Other Initiatives

"Work and Smile" Global Survey

In order to create a society in which everyone can realize the Group vision of "Work and Smile" we conducted a survey to measure the extent that "Work and Smile" vision was being embodied, via the Gallup World Poll, the world's largest public opinion poll, from February 2020 to March 2021 in 116 countries and regions around the world.



The PERSOL Group is participating as a representative of the HR industry in "Vision 2045," a project promoted by the United Nations (UN) and the UK's TBD Media to encourage the global business community to adopt the SDGs and to promote the achievement of the goals by 2045, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the UN, with the aim of fulfilling the UN principles by that time.

Support For Employee Volunteering

We actively support our employees' participation in volunteer activities as an opportunity for them to experience diverse values and grow as individuals.
The PERSOL Group operates a system that allows employees to take time off to engage in volunteer activities, and employees are also permitted to engage in unpaid activities or work concurrently at non-profit organizations as a second job.

As one initiative in FY2022, we assisted refugees from Ukraine by collecting voluntary donations within the PERSOL Group that were matched by the Company, which were gifted to NPOs who used the funds to send emergency support personnel to affected regions, determine refugee support needs through local partner organizations, and provide food and daily necessities to local regions.