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Investor FAQs

Frequently asked questions are posted in Q & A format.
For document requests and other IR inquiries, please contact us by phone or email.
Please refer to "Contact Us".

When was the Company established?
The Company was established on October 1, 2008 as a joint holding company in conjunction with the merger of Tempstaff Co., Ltd. (currently PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD.) and Peoplestaff Co., Ltd. (currently PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD.).
See History for details.
Please tell me company overview.
See Corporate Profile for details.
What is your corporate philosophy?
“Providing Opportunity Individual Growth Social Contribution”
See Corporate Philosophy and Group Vision for details.
What types of businesses is the Company engaged in?
We offer various HR-related services in Japan and overseas, including staffing service "TEMPSTAFF" and placement service "doda" in Japan.
Where can I find more information about Group companies?
See Group Companies for details.
Is PERSOL Group expanding overseas?
We expand buisness in APAC region.
What is your stance on corporate governance?
We consider strengthening corporate governance to be a crucial aspect of increasing our corporate value. We are committed to increase efficiency and transparency in management.
See Corporate Governance for details.
What is the Company’s stance on corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
For the realization of sustainable society, we are actively working on to solve social issues in cooperation with various stakeholders.
When is the Company’s fiscal year-end?
March 31
When are financial results announced?
We announce our financial results quarterly. We schedule our financial results release for the first quarter in August, for the second quarter (first half) in November, for the third quarter in February, and for the fourth quarter (full year) in May.
See IR Calendar for details.
What accounting standard does the Company use?
Our consolidated financial statements are prepared based on Japan’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (J-GAAP).
Where can I find past financial results?
See IR Library for details.
What are the Company's Mid- to Long-term Strategic Policy?
See Mid- to Long-term Strategic Policy for details.
What is the Company’s overseas strategy?
Under our corporate philosophy of “Providing Opportunity Individual Growth Social Contribution”, we aim to become Asia’s leading staffing services company.
As of the fiscal year ended March 2017, we began expanding our joint venture with Kelly Services, Inc. to include the entire Asia-Pacific region, and we will continue to enhance our competitive edge and presence in the global market.
Where can I find the risk factors?
See Risk Factors for details.
Where can I find the trends of latest performance?
See Financial Highlights for details.
Where can I find the financial indicators?
See Management Indices for details.
Does PERSOL publish an integrated report?
The PERSOL Group publishes an integrated report.
PERSOL Group Intagrated Reports
What exchange do the Company’s shares trade on?
Our shares are traded on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is the Company’s securities code?
The securities code is 2181.
When did the Company list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
We listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 2008, concurrent with the Company’s establishment. Tempstaff Co., Ltd., which was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Peoplestaff Co., Ltd., which was listed on the JASDAQ, were both delisted on September 25, 2008, in conjunction with the establishment and listing of Temp Holdings.
Who is the Company’s share registrar?
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
What are the dividend record dates?
The dividend record dates are March 31 and September 30 of every year.
What is the trading unit of the shares?
100 shares (1 unit).
What is the current share price?
Please see Share Information.
See Stock Quotes for details
What is the number of the Company’s shares outstanding?
See Shareholder Information for details
Where can I find the shareholder information?
See Shareholder Information for details
When is the general meeting of shareholders?
The annual shareholders meeting is held in late June every year. Please refer to our IR Calendar.
See IR Calendar for details
Please tell me how I can exercise my voting rights.
Please indicate your approval or disapproval of each of the proposals by completing and returning the voting right exercise statement enclosed with the convocation notice or entering it at the website designated by the Company for voting right exercise purposes.
Detailed information can be found in the convocation notice.
Where can I find shareholder return?
See Shareholder Return for details
What have your historic dividend payout ratios been?
See Shareholder Return for details.
Do you have a special benefit program for shareholders?
We do not have a special benefit plan for shareholders.