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Message from Management

Message from CEO to shareholders and investors

Choosing Work by Yourself and True to Yourself
“Work, and Smile” for All by 2030

Achieving the numerical targets of the Mid-term Management Plan 2023 one year ahead of schedule

In the fiscal year ended March 2022, net sales and operating profit reached record highs, with net sales of 1,060.8 billion yen and operating profit of 48.1 billion yen, achieving the numerical targets of the Mid-term Management Plan 2023 one year ahead of schedule.
The mainstay temporary staffing business continued to grow steadily and the placement business, which was significantly affected by COVID-19 in the fiscal year ended March 2021, has recovered remarkably due to strong demand for personnel from client companies.
As a result of the above performance, in terms of returns to shareholders, the annual dividend per share for the fiscal year ended March 2022 was 42 yen, the highest dividend ever paid.

For the fiscal year ending March 2023, we forecast net sales of 1,165.0 billion yen and operating profit of 52.0 billion yen, with the Careers SBU, which operates the placement business, as the growth driver. In the fiscal year ending March 2023, the final year of the mid-term management plan, the entire PERSOL Group will continue to work together to achieve further growth in the future.

Major Changes with Rising Centenarian Population, the COVID Pandemic,
and Work and Employment Styles

It has been some time since centenarians have become commonplace in Japan and the labor force has seen a decrease; this has been the context behind the major changes occurring faster than previously anticipated with employment in Japan, in the use of human resources, and in organizational management. The introduction of specified employment is a typical example of this. Up to this point, general employment has been common, where employees are trained based on the assumption of working at one company until they retire. However, with the collapse of the lifetime employment system, a decline in international competitive edge, and the need to improve labor productivity per capita, many companies have started to rethink the way they employ people and use human resources.

The pandemic has also accelerated changes to not only our lives, but also the structure of industry, the labor market, and the way we work. Accompanying the use of new technologies, the promotion of a digital transformation, and a shift to a remote work system, other challenges are also simultaneously manifesting in the form of how to adequately clarify the results and evaluation of individuals.

To Achieve our Vision “Work, and Smile”,
We are also Working to Achieve the SDGs through our Business

The PERSOL Group has formulated a vision for 2030 as aiming for a world where everyone can “Work, and Smile”. We have created a Value Creation Story for the world we wish to achieve by 2030. We have defined our commitment to a society in transformation, and will further polish the sources of value creation we have cultivated up to now, and link these sources to the growth of our business.

Moreover, based on the PERSOL Group’s corporate philosophy of Providing Opportunity, Individual Growth, and Social Contribution, we will work with a variety of stakeholders to proactively tackle social issues with the aim of achieving a sustainable society.

We have selected five achievable goals from among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) formulated by the United Nations as the issues we prioritize our focus on through our business. Through continuing to provide work and educational opportunities regardless of nationality, gender, age, or disability, we will assist in the development of human resources and create employment to help contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Focusing on Working Individuals,
Providing Them with Awareness and Opportunities for Work,
and Supporting Them in Choosing Work by Themselves

As individual workstyles grow in diversity, so individual lifestyles are also changing. In these changing times, the PERSOL Group will focus on the working individual based on the idea that “working life is a journey of growth and creation”.

For all people to lead a better life, we believe that it is important for them to be given more options to choose from in their work. We not only provide working individuals with awareness, opportunities for work, and professional options, but we also give encouragement from time to time to support their efforts at taking on new challenges. We provide individuals with an environment that lets them feel fulfilled and responsible for their work, since they are the ones that decide the work they do rather than receiving orders or being forced to by others. This is the type of society the PERSOL Group aims for, and this is the new value we will create.

The PERSOL Group pledges to stick by individuals, companies, organizations and our community to support their growth, so that we can make a world where everyone can “Work, and Smile”.

June 1, 2021
Takao Wada
Representative Director, President and CEO