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About the PERSOL Group

With a Group Vision of "Work and Smile" the PERSOL Group operates a diverse range of services focused on people and organizations, including temporary staffing, career transition services, IT outsourcing, and design and development.

We are also proactively working to develop next-generation innovations through a fusion of people and technology, while proactively expanding our overseas services, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Businesses and Services

The PERSOL Group offers a comprehensive range of businesses that provide solutions to labor and employment issues, including human resource services that connect job seekers with companies.

Our human resource services serve as a bridge connecting companies and talent. Through our extensive lineup of services, we strive to support individuals in their work and career at each stage of their life.

Tailoring Work to Each Life Stage

We provide work opportunities and advice tailored to the life stage, aptitude, and ability of each individual . In addition to helping individuals choose the job that is right for them, we also offer support in areas outside work, aiming to be a partner who remains close to them throughout their lives. We strive to provide learning opportunities to ensure that each individual retains a range of career options throughout their respective life stages.

Toward a Brighter Future Where Diverse Work Styles Can Shine

Throughout its history, the PERSOL Group has constantly striven to provide a diverse range of services to meet changing human resource needs. Now, in response to the changes taking place in society, we are working to create a new era of work beyond existing frameworks. In an age in which more individuals than ever are living to one hundred, the way we work must also change to fit individual needs and lifestyles.

We aim to help individuals realize fulfilling lives through their work by providing tailored support at each stage of life, and reexamining the values we hold in relation to work, including finding fulfillment through work, supporting diverse work styles, and seeking opportunities for recurrent education.

At the PERSOL Group, it is our mission to create organizations and societies across the world in which all people can recognize the philosophy of "Work and Smile"  irrespective of gender, age, nationality, or other limitations.