Our PhilosophyOur Philosophy on Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion

Our Challenge

We are working to bring the PERSOL Group Vision of "Work and Smile" to people across the world and throughout society. 

Toward Our Vision

In order to leverage the many talents of our diverse employees, we have classified our approach to diversity into three perspectives and initiated a range of specific initiatives to realize our Vision.

How We Leverage Diversity to Realize Our Vision

In order to leverage the diversity of abilities that generates new thought processes and ideas, the first step is ensuring that all employees  fully understand the diversity of attributes and diversity of values that serve as the foundation for value creation.
Developing the Right Environment
Once an understanding of the diversity of attributes and values has been obtained, we work to create an environment that allows each individual to realize their maximum potential and excel in their team and organization.
Refining and Creating
We work to create an environment in which we can generate a range of new ideas and wisdom by utilizing a diversity of abilities, achieving synergy between individual abilities, and promoting cooperation as a team.
Strengthening and Creating
We utilize these new wisdom fresh insights to deliver new value to society. We continue to strengthen our existing services, while working to create new services that will redefine society's conventional wisdom.
Connecting and Expanding
By supporting all people who work through our services, we realize our Group Vision of "Work and Smile."
Continuing to Create New Value
By embracing and embodying this Vision ourselves, we strive to further enhance and accelerate the synergy among our employees diversity of abilities to create a positive spiral that propels society further forward.

The PERSOL Group's Basic Approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Understand the diversity of attributes
Include diverse values1 2
Leverage diversity of abilities3 4
Generate new wisdom
Enhance current servicesCreate new services
Realize VisionEmbody Corporate Philosophy
※DEI:Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
1 Promoting Understanding of Diversity
We aim to increase the basic knowledge level of teams and organizations by providing diversity literacy training as a foundation for understanding the diversity of attributes and values.
2 Recognize unconscious bias in oneself
By making our teams and organizations aware of latent and unconscious biases, we aim to foster a habit of awareness in order to eliminate these biases.
3 Promote individuality
We will support our employees in achieving continuous growth through ongoing efforts to improve their abilities through personal development.
4 Create an environment where you can maximize your abilities
As an organization, we will establish a work environment that fuses our diversity of abilities and leads to synergies, which we will develop into a corporate culture conducive to leveraging the benefits of diversity.