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Disclosure Policy

Purpose of and Our Basic Policy regarding Investor Relations

The purpose of investor relation efforts by PERSOL HOLDINGS (hereinafter “the Company”) is to ensure that shareholders, investors, analysts, and other stakeholders can make fair valuations of the Company. Therefore, our basic policy is to always engage in investor relation efforts in good faith and to provide information relating to the Company’s management policies, business strategies, and financial conditions in a comprehensible, fair, timely, and accurate manner.

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

The Company is committed to preventing insider trading and to disclosing information in an accurate, fair, and timely manner in keeping with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act, timely disclosure rules stipulated by stock exchanges, and other laws and regulations. To the extent possible, the Company will also proactively disclose information not covered by applicable laws and regulations or timely disclosure rules using our website and other media in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. The Company will endeavor to disclose any information that is deemed beneficial to understanding the Company.

Disclosure Methods

For information required to be disclosed under timely disclosure rules or other regulations, the Company follows prescribed disclosure procedures including posting information on the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and publishing securities reports. For all other information disclosures, we will endeavor to be as accurate and fair as possible in communicating with all our stakeholders. All disclosed information will promptly be made available on our website’s Investor Relations.

Definition of Disclosure Information

The Company will disclose information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act, timely disclosure rules, and other laws and regulations.
In addition, regarding voluntary disclosure information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules, the Company will disclose important information that may have a significant impact on investors' investment decisions as positively and fairly as possible by an appropriate method.

Disclosures pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
- Annual Securities Reports, Quarterly Securities Reports, Extraordinary Reports, etc.

Disclosures pursuant to the Companies Act
- Business reports, Financial Statements, etc.

Disclosures pursuant to the rules stipulated by stock exchanges
- Material facts related to corporate decisions and occurrencess that are required to be disclosed in a timely manner by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc.
- Corporate governance reports, etc.

Other disclosures
- Earning briefing materials, Integrated reports, etc.

Earnings Outlooks and Forward-Looking Statements

Eearnings outlooks and forward-looking statements are forecasts as of the time of disclosure. There are no guarantees regarding the contents as they may be changed without prior notice due to modifications the Company makes to the underlying assumptions or to shifts in the business environment. Third-party earnings estimates set forth in analyst reports, informational publications, etc. are based on the opinions of the parties who have developed said estimates. As such, they are outside the Company’s purview and the Company refrains from any and all comment on them.

Quiet Period

In order to ensure fairness in information disclosure, the Company observes a “Quiet Period” that begins the day after the quarterly closing date and ends on the day quarterly financial results are released. During this period, the Company refrains from answering inquiries from stakeholders about the financial results and earnings outlooks. However, if any important matter warranting disclosure should arise, it will be disclosed in accordance with timely disclosure rules. The Company will answer inquiries about information that has already been disclosed even during the Quiet Period.

Internal Structure Relating to Company Information

Inquiries from shareholders, investors and analysts regarding IR information will be handled by the internal department responsible for IR. From the perspective of information accuracy and fairness of disclosure, the spokespersons include the president, officers and personnels in charge of IR, directors (including independent directors) and the Group's executives, etc. In order to manage insider information, Insider Trading Management Regulations, which regulate the handling of internal information and procedures for trading shares has been established. The Company works to ensure that the Group companies are made thoroughly aware of and comply with these procedures in order to prevent insider trading.

Communication with Shareholders

Through communication with shareholders, the Company will gain an understanding of its management strategies, etc., and will endeavor to take appropriate measures based on the understanding of the position of the shareholders. In addition, to promote the understanding of its business activities and business models, the Company has engaged in active disclosure of information, such as publishing integrated reports and distributing earning briefing videos on the Company's website.

IR Activities

Holding regular briefings for analysts and institutional investors Holding earning briefing sessions for analysts and institutional investors quarterly and four times a year.
Posting IR materials on the website IR materials such as financial results information, timely disclosure materials, and earning briefing materials including English materials are posted on the website.
Other Holding individual meetings with analysts, institutional investors and overseas investors and participating in conferences sponsored by securities companies as appropriate.