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This site contains information regarding the current plans, strategies, and earnings outlooks of PERSOL HOLDINGS (hereinafter “the Company”). This information has been deemed reasonable by the Company at the time of disclosure based on presently available information. However, this information cannot account for potential risks or uncertainties related to, for example, economic trends, extreme competition in the industry, market demand, foreign exchange rates, tax codes, and other institutional factors. Future earnings and other disclosures may deviate significantly due to such factors. However, the Company assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred as a result of using the information on this site.

The purpose of this site is to provide information to stakeholders such as shareholders and investors so that they may understand the Company’s management policies, plans, and financial conditions. This site is not intended for the solicitation of investment in securities issued by the Company.

The Company pays close attention to the information and resources published on this site. However, the Company in no way guarantees that the information made available on this site is accurate or that updates are made in a timely manner. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, damages, or other liabilities incurred as a result of using this site, regardless of the reason. This includes but is not limited to errors in the published information, tampering by third parties, and data downloads.

This site does not contain all information disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and timely disclosure rules. The Company may use information or wording differing from that included in such disclosures, and may change, update, or delete content without prior notice.

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