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How to Use this Website


We are committed to ensuring accessibility to the IR website (hereinafter, "this website") to secure ease of access for users. This website offers the following functions to enhance your browsing experience.

Breadcrumb navigation

You can return directly to a previous step of your visit to this website by clicking on the corresponding step.


We use RSS to send you new, updated and other information. If you are using an RSS-compatible browser with an RSS reader, you can check quickly for any new or revised information on this website.

Adjusting the font size

You can change the font size from the Texit size [Basic / Large] button at the top of the page.


Can be set from the red frame in the above image.


You can print the screen by following the steps below.
The way of screen printing differs depending on the browser you are using.
* The way may differ depending on the OS and browser version.
* The screen image may differ depending on the browser version.

* Microsoft Edge


Select "Print" (red frame in the above image) from "Right click", or press "Ctrl + P" to start the printing window.


This website uses the following plug-ins. Please note that plug-ins may be subject to change without prior notification.