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PERSOL ONE(パーソルワン)は人工知能に先立ち、ゲームするロボットとして命を与えられる。

In the not too distant past PERSOL ONE was given life as a game-playing robot equipped with artificial intelligence.

At first all he was able to do was play chess and shogi, but as a result of repetitive deep learning he was able to surpass human intellect. The man who gave birth to him left this earth a long time ago, leaving him alone and in the middle of a continuous chess game without a partner.

In the not too distant future PERSOL ONE is being interviewed in a server room.
With this as his center of intelligence, he exists around the world universally entering people’s work and lives in a broad range of capacities where he can easily coordinate with most jobs. This became an opportunity for people to reconsider the concept of work itself and in fact the very meaning of work. His appearance brought about these changes.

The field of education is one such example. Children learn languages, about the beginnings of space, and the history of humankind from him. He can give advice about sports and even listen to concerns about matters of the heart. About the only thing he can’t do is drink a cup of tea with you in a café.

He also learned a lot from humans. This particular artificial intelligence learned to live alongside humans. He learned that the coexistence of artificial intelligence and human intelligence can produce better changes.

“I am here because people are here. I am here to work with people.” he said and laughed.